Narrate Conferences and Education

Narrate Conferences places scholarship and education at the forefront of its various events. Our conferences are designed for--and by--people from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. While our events take on disparate topics, each shares the common goal of bringing together non-traditional groups in a collaborative, welcoming setting.

On a very basic level, Narrate Conferencesí events are based on academic and professional conference models. Each conference features a complete slate of lectures, panels, workshops, and discussions. Vetting boards, comprised of highly qualified individuals, determine which of the proposed presentations for each conference meet the standard for discourse in that field, and therefore, which will be presented at the conference. Conference proceedings may be published following each event.

In addition to juried scholarly programming, Narrate Conferences expands upon the traditional academic model by adding "exploratory" programming: hands-on creative challenges, themed keynote presentations given by expert guests of honor, and the chance to explore the conference's host community, where appropriate. Exploratory programming is meant to provide participatory experiences, introductions to new academic areas, and interactive connections with various learning styles.

Most of the conferences produced by Narrate Conferences are aimed at an adult audience, and the discourse and presentations are at the collegiate level. Some mature teens may, however, find the programming of interest, and some conferences will allow older teens to attend with an adult chaperone.

While our goal for each event--participatory and interactive education and exploration--remains the same, our topics vary widely, ranging from issues specific to a single book or series to broader examinations of a genre. Phoenix Rising and Terminus both examined the Harry Potter series. The next event for Narrate Conferences will be Sirens, which will focus on female fantasy writers and their work, including the heroines they've created. Conferences focusing on teen literature and multimedia studies are in development.


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